No two businesses are the same, that is why we offer video content plans custom built for each business we work with.

Our process revolves around our Video Marketing Strategy Workshop. This gives us the opportunity to really get to know you and your business. We go through a series of specific topics that will help us understand the best approach to digital content strategy.


Video Marketing Strategy Workshop


We offer both a full day and half day workshop depending on your needs. The workshop is centered around our discovery process. We will set down with you and dive into our process specifically tailored to discover the best approach for your video content. Here is a rundown of what you and your team will walk out of the meeting with a plan for the next steps in moving forward with your video or campaign.

  • We will identify your ideal customer, their motivation, and which type of video you need.

  • Recommend platforms and distribution options that will give you the best ROI on your video content.

  • Include a social media set-up guide to get your accounts up and running and start building a community.

  • Best practices for optimization for video content.

  • a basic script or outline for your project.


Monthly Digital Content Packages

After we conduct or video marketing strategy workshop, we will set you up with a custom built video content package maintained by our team. This package will be custom tailored to your specific video strategy and will include:

  • Production and editing time

  • Scheduled video content

  • Cross-platform posting

  • Community management

  • Advertising and video re-targeting

  • Creating and maintaining video based sales funnels.

—starting at $350/month w/contract 

Video and Asset Storage and Management

If you have ever lost a hard drive to corruption or theft then you know how important having a secure backup can be. We will store and maintain your video assets on our secure servers in multiple locations to ensure none of your assets are lost.

This option is great for small business owners who do not have time to allocate to organizing and transferring content and makes collaboration a breeze.

—Variable monthly rate determined by amount of content