Frequently Asked Questions


“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” – Bruce Lee

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Do YOu offer Video recording services on a one time or hourly basis?

PD Creative Media does offer an hourly rate for filming live events, editing services, and video strategy consulting. However we highly recommend our clients discuss their video strategy with us beforehand. We have noticed that video content, live streams, and other media services MUST have a solid strategy behind them or they are doomed to few views and low click through rates. 90% of a videos success is in the planning and implementation.

WHat is TRansmedia in the first place? and why do I need to be INCORPORATING it into my marketing STRATEGY?

Transmedia storytelling is here and it is not going away. Some would argue that it has been here for quite a while. The top performers in any industry have been doing it for years. You know that business consultant’s appreciation party you attended last week— he is utilizing trans media storytelling, what about the non-profit gala you went to last Christmas? Yep that photo booth wasn’t there because they had a little extra in the budget. Trans

What if I am working with an existing marketing Agency?

PD Creative Media isn’t your typical marketing agency. We handle specific marketing solutions centered around video content and integrate existing marketing strategies into a transmedia experience.

If you have an existing company handling your digital advertising, print advertising, SEO, or PR we would love to set down with them and discuss how we can work together to create new transmedia campaigns and strategies that integrate everything.

i have tried video in the past and it never Felt that the ROI was there. WHat makes PD Creative Media different.

We strive to create a a framework of digital content across multiple platforms and channels that allows your customers and loyal followers to tell your story for you, rather than you telling the same story we have all heard a thousand times. It is the difference between storytelling and storybuiling. A key element in transmedia story building is the age old, tried and true, number one rule in marketing, word of mouth is king. Think of Transmedia content as digital word of mouth marketing, it is not just a simple video- but a system fine tuned for lead generation.

DO you handle internal communication videos?

Yes we do. Part of our transmedia process is actually to create and implement internal communication video content. It just makes sense. I happy well trained employee gives you much more return on investment. Let’s face it, no-one likes getting that dream job and getting tons of papers and processes thrown at them, or worse yet, no training at all. Video can automate this process and make on boarding a new employee a breeze.

Can I set up a monthly service plan?

We do offer a custom monthly service plan. Our monthly plans start at $350/ month and require a 6 month service contract.

Do I need a Monthly Plan or Just a video?

Some customers will not require monthly content. Event coverage, Internal communications, and other videos are often one of a time projects. Your best option is to discuss your needs with our team and we can help determine through our video marketing and strategy work shop which option is better.

WHat if our company already Creates a ton of video content.

Perfect! Congratulations, you are ahead of the curve. We can still help save some time in the editing process and edit your content specifically for the platform you want it viewed on.

Need text on that video, we can do that too! We can use existing footage and build a great brand video or testimonial video around your footage saving you on production costs.

DO you GUARANTEE your work?

We stand by our work 100%. WE follow Murphy’s Law: What can go wrong will go wrong and assure that we carry backups to everything. Lenses, lighting, batteries, audio, cameras, sd cards, we make sure we can do the job in case anything happens. We have a network of fellow creative video pros who can step in on the off chance we are sick or caught in an accident.

DO you TRavel?

Absolutely, we will travel. However we do charge a travel fee for anywhere outside a 100 mile radius of our home office in New Braunfels. This fee is subject to mode of transport, timeframe, and other factors that are project dependent, so if you want us to travel please let us know early on!

What equipment do you use?

How long is a piece of string? Well it is as long as you need it of course! We use whatever equipment is best suited for the task at hand. Our studio set up includes Sony cameras and lenses, Canon Cameras and lenses, RODE microphones, and ZOOM digital audio recorders. But every project is deferent, and we will ALWAYS use the best equipment for the job.

Do you do any commercial photography?

We do not often handle commercial photography, but we have a huge network of imaging professionals and can help you find the best photographer to meet your specific needs.

Do we have to LICENSE music in your videos?

We use several music licensing sites to obtain our audio. This music requires no work on our clients end for use. We do like to collaborate with local talent whenever it fits with the project, and will handle licensing for you.